• Software used:
    InDesign, Illustrator
  • Client:
    QinetiQ and Legacy Australia

QinetiQ Australia and Legacy Australia partnered together as OP LAKC17 (Operation Legacy and Kokoda Challenge 2017) to raise funds in support of Legacy veterans and their families. Along with this partnership, 21 QinetiQ employees, combat veterans and Legacy youth embarked on a physically and mentally challenging activity of walking the WWII Kokoda Track. The OPLAKC17 team needed a brand that would serve as a recognisable and visual identity throughout the duration of the challenge.

The artwork appeared in a number of posts on Legacy Australia’s Facebook page, on their website and Twitter account. I wanted to give our track participants an experience of “being there” while they’re walking in the footsteps of soldiers in July 1942, and their audience a feeling of being there with them. I’ve given the design an organic/hand drawn style in order to represent this and bring the campaign together visually. I feel that it helped with the success of OP LAKC17 and I’m proud to have been able to contribute. The initative was mentioned 4 times in print and on TV and viewed 500+ times on the company intranet. Overall, QinetiQ has raised $109,045.78 for Legacy in 2017.

Links to some of the posts and their statistics below:

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