Blue Belle 3D Character & Environment

  • Software used:
    Autodesk Maya, Adobe Sketch app on iPad Pro, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, InDesign
  • Client:
    Billy Blue College of Design

The brief was to create a short animated piece of branded identity for an event endorsed by a character mascot created in a 3D environment.

I came up with a character called Blue Belle to promote a blueberry flavoured coffee to a chosen audience. There are three stages to the development of the character and the environment: 3D Design Pre-visualisation (includes animatics and PDF document), Flythrough Video and Final Branded Video.

The Pre-visualisation PDF contains a SWOT analysis, moodboard, sketches of the character and the environment, influences/design style, storyboard, logo and colour scheme. The animatics helped formulate and develop a story that would engage the target audience. A voiceover in an Australian accent was added, as well, to bring an Australian feel to the story.

The Flythrough Video is a first cut video where each 3D element has been modelled and partly textured. It doesn’t include any logo or branding elements but shows the creative intention.

The Final Branded Video contains the final modelled character and environment (except the kitchen), correct lighting, textures, dynamic camera angles and branding.

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